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Dolphin Commercial Robotic Pool Cleaners

Commercial Robotic Pool Cleaners

Premium Aquatic

Dolphin Wave 300XL Pool Cleaner

Dolphin Wave 300XL

The Dolphin Wave 300XL excels at heavy duty dust, dirt and debris collection and delivers the best cleaning performance in its class.

The Wave 300XL is the top of the range pool cleaner for aquatic centres, water parks and other commercial sites with pools up to 60m in length.

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Dolphin Wave 200XL Pool Cleaner

Dolphin Wave 200XL

Best value for your pool cleaning budget. Gain uncompromising professional cleaning performance with the Dolphin Wave 200XL.

Easy to use and easy to clean, it efficiently and effectively cleans large institutional pools up to 40 meters in length, regardless of shape or type.

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Dolphin Wave 150 Pool Cleaner

Dolphin Wave 150

The Wave 150, an intermediate model between the well known Wave 100 and Wave 200XL cleaners. Ideal for pools up to 35m in length.

The Dolphin Wave 150 delivers accurate and effective scanning for systematic commercial pool cleaning. Durable, efficient and reliable.

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Powerhouse Commercial

Dolphin Wave Pro Expert Pool Cleaner

Wave Pro Expert 2X2

The Dolphin Pro Expert 2X2 robotic pool cleaner is the super heavy duty professional robotic cleaner for larger commercial swimming pools.

Put the power of two robotic cleaners to work at once! Ideal for pools up to 50m in length.

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Dolphin Wave 100 Pool Cleaner

Dolphin Wave 100

Powerhouse commercial robotic pool cleaner. The Dolphin Wave 100 pool cleaner provides highly efficient fully automated robotic pool cleaning.

Heavy duty performance commercial robotic pool cleaner. Ideal for pools up to 25m in length.

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Dolphin Wave 75 Pool Cleaner

Dolphin Wave 75

The Dolphin Wave 75 is highly efficient and is completely automated, perfect for cleaning smaller sized commercial pools.

The Wave 75 delivers reliable performance for commercial pools up 20m in length.

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Special Application

Dolphin Liberty Pool Cleaner

Dolphin Liberty

The Dolphin Liberty is the world's first unique battery powered cordless robotic pool cleaner recommended for pools up to 15 m in length.

Cordless robotic pool cleaner for pools that are irregularly shaped or have in-pool obstacles, such as islands, pillars and bridges.

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Dolphin W20 Pool Cleaner

Dolphin Wave W20

Packing advanced robotic cleaning into a compact size, the Dolphin Wave W20 pool cleaner expertly cleans shallow bodies of water.

Advanced cleaning technologies allows the W20 to operate in just 20cm of water! Perfect for shallow pools or water features.

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Access to a Wave commercial pool cleaner has never been easier !

Introducing new options to provide piece of mind and flexabilty. Book a free on-site demonstration and enquire today!

Maintaining Commercial Pools with the Dolphin Wave

For commercial properties with pools, from hotels to aquatic complexes and gyms, the Dolphin Wave is a market leader when it comes to the power and consistency of its cleaning. Whether you've recently purchased one of these units for your property or you're interested in acquiring one, your choice in supplier makes a big difference in your experience now and later. At Pooltronics, we use more than a decade and a half of experience in the pool industry to aid our commercial partners in making smart equipment purchases. More than that, we also provide an extensive service and repair solution for units both in and out of warranty. Take a moment to consider why you should choose Pooltronics to keep your Dolphin Wave in top condition.

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Come to Us When You Need Reliable Commercial Robotic Pool Cleaners

If you are looking for commercial robotic pool cleaners that will ensure a clean swimming experience for everyone, we have got you covered. We work only with the industry-leading brand of robotic pool cleaners to ensure you get the best. Come to Pooltronics today, and you will always have clean water.

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