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dolphin wave w20

Dolphin Wave W20 Robotic Pool Cleaner

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dolphin wave w20

Dolphin Wave W20 Pool Cleaner

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Advance to thorough and fast automated robotic pool cleaning of shallow swimming pools, water features or fountains with the only robotic pool cleaner that can work in water that is just 20 cm (8 in) deep.

Packing advanced robotic cleaning technologies into a compact size, the Dolphin wave W20 pool cleaner expertly cleans shallow bodies of water such as toddler and paddling pools with standard or beach entry, decorative pools, fountains or water features of any shape and size up to 15m in length.

This unique pool cleaner delivers efficient pool cleaning in commercial and public environments. Instead of manual cleaning, save manpower, minimize pool downtime, and achieve outstandingly clean swimming pools or waters features.

The Dolphin W20's active brushing system and dual drive motors ensures increased manoeuvrability and ensures the delivery of superior cleaning.

Cleaver clean scanning systems with a built in gyroscopic navigation ensures optimal coverage of the entire pool floor while effectively filtering all dust dirt and debris through the ultra filter bag. The large capacity filter bag provides uninterrupted operation.

The Dolphin Wave W20 pool cleaner can navigate and operate on any type of floor surface and adjusts to irregularly shaped pools and beach entry pools identifying walls and avoiding obstacles and beach entries.

Remote control options - Including optional fast or regular cleaning cycles and manual navigation for spot cleaning. The Dolphin wave W20 fast mode adjusts the cycle time down to one hour operation, very handy feature for quick cleans in between pool, fountain or water feature operation. The regular mode cycle time is three hours.

The Dolphin Wave W20 comes with a sturdy caddy which mounts the powers supply and 24m cable for easy handling and storage.

Easy for staff to operate with simple on / off operation. Set and forget! The Dolphin W20 pool cleaner will do all the hard work for you.


- Weight 10 Kg

- Cleans floors only

- Digital power supply

- Ideal pool length 15 m

- Cycle time 1 or 3 hours

- Suitable for all pool terrains

- 2 x active scrubbing brushes

- Gyroscopic navigation system

- 2 Year Warranty



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