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dolphin wave pro expert 2x2

Dolphin Wave Pro Expert 2X2 Robotic Pool Cleaner

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dolphin wave pro expert 2x2 Robotic Pool Cleaner

Dolphin Pro Expert Pool Cleaner

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The Dolphin Pro Expert 2X2 robotic pool cleaner, the heavy duty, professional cleaner for commercial swimming pools. Gain heavy duty cleaning performance, with robust reliability for long term, cost-effective operation. The Dolphin Pro Expert from Maytronics is the proven, professional solution for commercial pools.

Put the power of two robots to work at once with this heavy duty robotic pool cleaner designed for commercial pools up to 50 m in length. Plug and play operation sigle touch power supply and with dual brushing action, dual high capacity filtration and a sophisticated gyroscope, the Dolphin Pro Expert expertly cleans the entire pool floor and walls with maximum effectiveness and efficiency.

The programmable cycle time options for the Dolphin Pro Expert are four, six or eight hour cycles. The Pro Expert's anti-tangling patented swivel cable allows the robots to move easily and efficiently around your swimming pool making clean up a breeze.

The advanced gyroscopic navigation system ensures stable navigation, maximum cleaning efficiency and accurate scanning for systematic coverage of floor, walls and water-line. The high capacity filtration bags captures dirt, dust and all other types of debris, leaving the pool surface sparkling clean after every use.

With CleverClean technologies the Dolphin Pro Expert 2X2 ensures comprehensive scanning of the entire pool and highly effective brushing and filtering throughout. With fully automated operation, your staff can focus on other tasks and your pool water is left sparkling clear and hygienic after every cleaning cycle.

The Dolphin Pro Expert comes with a heavy duty caddy which mounts the powers supply and 43m cable for easy handling and storage.

The Dolphin Pro Expert 2X2 is the perfect commercial pool cleaning solution for swimming pool up 50m in length. Keep your pools open for business while minimizing cleaning downtime.


- Weight 20 Kg

- Ideal pool length 50 m

- Cycle time 4 / 6 or 8 hours

- Suitable for all pool terrains

- Gyroscopic navigation system

- Combined scrubbing brushes

- Dual level filtration for fine and rough dirt

- Digital power supply with full bag indicator

- 2 Year Warranty



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