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Robotic Pool Cleaner Melbourne

Dolphin Robotic Pool Cleaners Melbourne

Pooltronics are your local supplier of Dolphin robotic pool cleaners, offering the most efficient and cost effective robotic pool cleaning solutions.

Established to supply Melbourne and Regional Victoria with the best robotic pool cleaners, while providing exceptional customer support and after sales service.

Building on over 30 years of expertise, Dolphin continues to hold first place in market share, innovation, design and reliability. Dolphin are the global leaders in robotic pool cleaners.

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We Supply Dolphin Pool Cleaners in Melbourne

Everyone loves the inviting, crystal clear water of a swimming pool in the summer where you get to cool off and relax. However, it usually requires a little maintenance to ensure the water is bright and enticing. Pooltronics offers you the easy way out with the robotic Dolphin pool cleaner in Melbourne. It’s the ideal solution for domestic and commercial pools, and there are no restrictions to the size it can handle.

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Everything You Need to Know About Robotic Pool Cleaners in Melbourne

Although humans have built swimming pools for recreation since ancient times, cleaning them has not always been easy. This article traces the history of the swimming pool. It explains the different types of modern pool cleaners that make pool cleaning easy, such as robotic pool cleaners in Melbourne available from Pooltronics.

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