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Tips for Using a Robotic Pool Cleaner

Tips for Using a Robotic Pool Cleaner - Maintenance, Repairs & Pool Cleaner Spare Parts Melbourne

Dolphin is Australia's leading brand of robotic pool cleaners. And, not surprisingly it is super easy to find original Dolphin pool cleaner spare parts in Melbourne. We have a few simple tips that you can help ensure you get the maximum life and efficiency out of your Dolphin..

First of all we need to remind ourself that Dolphin robotic pool cleaners are maintenance machines. This means they are designed to clean and collect all loose dust dirt and debris. They are not designed to recover extremely dirty or green pools. Using your Dolphin for this purpose can cause premature wear or damage. If a part becomes damaged you can find pool cleaner spare parts in Melbourne from the Dolphin experts at Pooltronics.

Everyone who owns a robotic pool cleaner should read these tips…

1) Maintaining Balanced and Safe Pool Water Chemistry

Maintaining balanced water chemistry is very important for many reasons. Not only is healthy water chemistry import for the swimmers, it is also important as balanced water chemistry prevents premature wear and break down of the pool surface, fittings, pool equipment and your Dolphin robotic pool cleaner.

The recommend water chemistry levels to be maintained are as follows; Ph - 7.2 - 7.6 Ppm Total alkalinity 120 – 150 Ppm and most importantly a Chlorine level to no more than 4 ppm at any given time.

While high levels of chlorine may not have an immediate effect on the pool cleaner, it has shown to be proven that continuous or long periods of exposure to harmful water conditions such as high chlorine levels result in premature wear and breakdown of seals and parts which result in inefficient performance or in worst cases, major breakdowns of motor components.

 Tips for Using a Robotic pool cleaner

2) Tips When Operating Your Dolphin

A few tips to ensure that your Dolphin performs at maximum efficiently during its cleaning cycle. First we recommend placing your robotic pool cleaner in the pool at the furthest point of reach. Following this please ensure that you feed only enough cable in for your Dolphin to reach this furthest point.

Removing excess cable from the pool will help prevent unnecessary cable tangle and coiling. If your Dolphin has an anti-tangle swivel on the cable will still encourage removing excess cable from the pool.

Any excess cable that remains outside of the pool is recommend that you create large loops for storing and be sure to avoid creating tightly coiled loops which can cause a tightly coiled cable and become problematic.

After your Dolphin has completed its cycle we recommend cleaning the filter baskets / screens or bag thoroughly before operating the next cycle. If you leave your Dolphin in the pool continually, be sure to maintain balanced water chemistry as explained above.

This practice will keep your pool the best possible condition. This will ensure a long pool cleaner life and will minimize the need to replace spare parts prematurely.

When the time comes to address any general wear and tear from operation we have all Dolphin pool cleaner spare parts available in Melbourne.

 Tips for Using a Robotic pool cleaner

3) Storing your Robot Pool Cleaner Safely

When you are not using your Dolphin robotic pool cleaner, it is important to store it safely and securely. Before storing your Dolphin away remember to clean the filter baskets / screens or bag thoroughly

Make sure you store your pool cleaner in a cool and dry place, preferably sheltered from the weather. Following this be sure to carefully pack away the cable as explained above by creating large loops and avoid creating tightly coiled cable which can become problematic over time.

 Tips for Using a Robotic pool cleaner

4) Tips for Routine Maintenance of Dolphin Robotic Pool Cleaner

We recommend annual routine maintenance which we refer to as a “Dolphin health check” this involves a complete strip down and clean of your Dolphin. We re-lubricate seals and clean up the machine.

Our routine maintenance “health check “ also includes a computer analytic report which is data we pull from your Dolphin's PCB. This provides information such as total hours of operation, completed cycles, errors and behaviours.

This information allows us to provide thorough detailed reports and feedback on the condition of your Dolphin, we can also confidently forecast the life expectancy of specific motor components and wear and tear parts.

Last Words…

By following these tips you can make sure that your Dolphin robotic cleaner works efficiently throughout the years. Rest assured Pooltronics is the number one company to provide customer support, repairs and pool cleaner spare parts in Melbourne.

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