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The Complete Guide to Dolphin Pool Cleaner Troubleshooting

The Complete Guide to Dolphin Pool Cleaner Troubleshooting

Owning a pool is one of the great luxuries in life. It is relaxing, cooling, fun and can even make for a great workout. While we can all agree that we love swimming pools, it’s also likely we can agree on the fact that cleaning them is a big hassle. Dolphin robotic pool cleaners are built to last with the latest advancements in robotic technology. On occasion we find that customers may need assistance with troubleshooting. Our troubleshooting guide will help you. In this guide, we have included commonly asked questions and the solution.

The Complete Guide to Dolphin Pool Cleaner Troubleshooting

Is your Dolphin misbehaving?

Has your Dolphin cleaner stopped working?

Or do you suspect that your Dolphin has started to show signs of underperformance?

The first thing we recommend is confirming that the power supply is powering up. You can identify if there is power as the blue power light will illuminate when pressed. If the blue light does not illuminate we recommend contacting our support team for troubleshooting.

Once you have confirmed that you have power to your power supply but your Dolphin is still not moving or is starting then stopping, we recommend a visual check for any psychical obstructions. You can do this by removing your Dolphin from the swimming pool and checking inside and under the unit for any obvious obstructs. If identified, remove and run your Dolphin again.

Be sure to check the warranty of your Dolphin. Most Dolphin pool cleaners have a warranty of 2 to 3 years. If the problem cannot be identified, you can contact us for technical support.

In this Dolphin pool cleaner troubleshooting guide, we have included some of the most common issues that may come across.

Problem 1 - The Power Supply Won’t Turn On Or Turns On Then Off Immediately.

Possible Reason - Won't turn on? Possible fault in power supply. Turning on then off? Possible fault in the power supply cable from power point to power supply or possible fault in the cable from the power supply to the robotic pool cleaner

What you can do?

Check the power supply is connected to a working power point. You can test this by plugging a potable appliance into the power point and confirming that the appliance is receiving power.

If the portable appliance is non-responsive you will need to contact a certified electrician to check the power point and correct any faults.

If the problem is not with the power point and the power supply is still non-responsive or temperamental you will need to contact our customer support team for further assistance.

The Complete Guide to Dolphin Pool Cleaner Troubleshooting

Problem 2 - The Power Supply Is Ok. But The Dolphin Robotic Cleaner is Not Moving.

Possible Reason - Mechanical issues

What you can do?

As outline above, we always recommend a visual check for any obvious obstruction before contacting our team. If you can identify an obstruction you can remove the object and then run your Dolphin again.

If the Dolphin starts and continues to operate as per normal the the obstruction was the cause of the robotic pool cleaner not moving. Problem solved.

If you are unable to identify any obvious obstruction by performing a visible inspection then you will need to contact or office for further support.

Rest assured Pooltronics can provide the solution for any technical difficulties.

The Complete Guide to Dolphin Pool Cleaner Troubleshooting

Problem 3 - Dolphin robotic pool cleaner is working but doesn’t clean properly.

Possible Reason - Lack of traction or lack of water flow.

What you can do?

The first step is to check that the filter basket or filter bag is clean and not full causing lack of water flow. If the filters or bag is overly full this can compromise the robotic pool cleaner’s ability to efficiently navigate around the swimming pool. If the filters or bag is not full but they have come of age that it is worn and depleted, this can also cause limitation with the performance and coverage.

If you find that the filter and bag are clean and are in good condition then the next step would be to evaluate the wear and tear on the rollers ( brushes ). As the rollers wear down they will come to a point of limited traction. Once the wear down t this pint the performance will be comprised and as a result the robotic pool cleaner will struggle to cover and clean the pool during its cycle.

If the rollers are worn you can contact our team at Pooltonics for Dolphin robotic pool cleaner spare parts for replacement. If the rollers are in good condition then you will need to contact our customer support team for further troubleshooting and technical support.

Last Words…

The next time you have a problem with your robotic cleaner, refer to our Dolphin pool cleaner troubleshooting guide. If the problem seems serious, or you cannot figure out the source, call the experts at Pooltronics to help you.

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