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dolphin m500 pool cleaner

Dolphin M500 Robotic Pool Cleaner

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dolphin m500 pool cleaner

Dolphin M500 Robotic Pool Cleaner

Advanced scanning software and gyroscopic navigation ensures floors and walls are fully covered using the most efficient route. The Dolphin M500 automatically navigates around obstacles and quickly returns to its cleaning schedule.

The Dolphin M500 pool cleaner has unique triple active brushing which efficiently eliminates dust, dirt and debris leaving your pool surface sparkling clean while reducing the work load on your filtration.

Dual drive-motor for optimal pool manoeuvrability and coverage, regardless of shape, slope and obstacles. The Dolphin M500 contains the most durable motor components. Tried and true, built for years of hassle free pool cleaning.

Dual level top access filter cartridges with quick, no-mess emptying, ensures clog free operation in any pool conditions. Catch fine and rough dirt with the Dolphin M500 ultra-fine filter screen cartridges.

Easy to use smart phone app "MyDolphin" can be downloaded. Use this app to activate cleaning programs, weekly timers manual drive for spot cleaning and more!

A few of the Dolphin M500 smart phone app features are; ultra clean, which slows down the Dolphin and increases suction, floor only for maximise pool floor coverage, regular mode and water line cleaning. The MyDolphin app also allows the adjust of three cycle time options. One and a half, two and a half and three and a half hour cycle times.

You can set your Dolphin M500 to a one and a half hour cycle time via the MyDolphin app which in most cases is efficient and effective enough to complete an entire pool clean in that time while increasing the motor life due to a less hours of overall run time.

The Dolphin M500 pool cleaner comes with a sturdy caddy which mounts the powers supply and 18m cable for easy handling and storage.

Ideal for swimming pools up to 15 m in length.


- Caddy

- Weight 10.5 Kg

- Cable Length 18 m

- Motor unit voltage 24 VDC

- Cycle time 1.5 /2.5 / 3.5 hours

- Gyroscope advanced navigation

- Digital switch-mode power supply

- Smartphone App for complete control

- Combined brushes for all pool surfaces

- Swivel on cable prevents cable tangling

- Dual level filtration for fine and rough dirt

- 3 Year Warranty


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